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We are thrilled to introduce you to OKAP!

At OKAP, we collaborate with business owners to help you reach your financial goals. We handle your financial functions efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on managing and growing your business.

In a time when small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) serve as the backbone of our economy, we have undertaken a mission to empower businesses like yours with the essential financial tools they need to thrive.


In South Africa, grappling with high unemployment and economic instability, SMEs are indispensable. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) reports that micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) make up over 90% of formal businesses, employ 50-60% of the nation’s workforce, and contribute 34% to the GDP. These stats underscore SMEs’ crucial role to sustain and revitalise economies, especially in challenging contexts.

However, the obstacles SMEs face in South Africa are alarming. Financial constraints are a significant challenge, hindering expansion, innovation, and talent acquisition. In addition, navigating complex compliance and regulations consumes valuable resources. The volatile economic climate adds to SMEs’ uncertainty, emphasising the need to address these issues and bolster their resilience and growth.

With over three decades of experience as an accountant and entrepreneur, our founder, Etienne Steyn, identified the need for a financial services firm that goes beyond the traditional role of an accountant:

“At OKAP, we recognise the unique challenges that SMEs encounter. We work closely with business owners to develop tailored strategies to help them achieve their financial objectives. Our service packages are designed to evolve alongside your business, and our expertise extends far beyond traditional number-crunching. Moreover, we harness cutting-edge technology to provide seamless financial support while ensuring compliance, all aimed at providing you with peace of mind.”

Our Services

OKAP offers a fixed monthly fee for outsourced accounting, tax compliance, and business advisory services:

Cloud Accounting

Say goodbye to paperwork and spreadsheet headaches. Our cloud accounting solutions streamline your financial processes, providing real-time insights and convenience like never before. Click here for more information on Cloud Accounting.

Tax Compliance

Navigating the tax landscape can be challenging. Our experts ensure your business stays compliant while optimising your tax strategy to save you money.

Business Advisory

Beyond numbers, we offer strategic guidance to help you make informed decisions, grow your business, and achieve your goals. For a detailed list of our services click here.

Why Choose OKAP?

Fixed Fees

Our monthly retainer package ensures budgetary certainty and offers access to a wide range of services.

An Extension of Your Team

We are an extension of your team, dedicated to your business strategy and achieving your financial objectives.

Time-Saving Technology

We embrace technology that simplifies tasks and gives you more freedom to run your business.

Peace of Mind

We ensure compliance and offer expert advice whenever needed, offering you peace of mind, and the freedom to run your business.

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